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Continuity Plan

What is a Continuity Plan?

Simply put, a continuity plan is a deliberate written agreement with a competent and reputable contra party to carry on your business in the unforeseen event of death, disability, or when you are ready to part service from your business or retire.  There are a few different forms of continuity plans, but ultimately what it means to you as valued clients, is whether I sell my practice, part service from practice in my industry, or an unplanned event occurs that prohibits me from effectively continuing to service your financial needs, there is a plan in place to make sure you have continuity with your business affairs and priorities with my office; that you will have an experienced credible professional or team that will be there to serve you and your needs without disruption or displacement should such a change occur.

I want you to know and all my clients to know this is an initiative that is very much a priority to me and very important to me.   I am concurrently working on this and you will have more information soon as my plans come to fruition.  It is a goal to look out for your financial futures and your best interests should this ever need to be invoked; whether a voluntary or involuntary event occur.

Please be patient, more information will be online soon.   Feel free to inquire with my office anytime on this topic.