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Some clients like to be more hands off with their investments, working with an advisor to do the front-end/ongoing diligence to find a competent money management team and platform to fully invest, oversee, and manage their money. There are many great teams and resources in the marketplace for this. Not all clients are looking to trade directly in listed securities or be transactional in individual securities. Managed account platforms can offer a cadre of valuable services along with capable money management abilities and resources. They can match clients working alongside their financial advisors with many various account strategies across the spectrum of varying risk levels and specifically pair a strategy to their goals. They can offer great diversification, in depth reporting, and ongoing periodic portfolio rebalancing. This may be a better approach for many investors looking for a more turn-key process and effective oversight of their wealth, particularly over the longer term for reasonable cost and compelling value.

Transactional Accounts versus Advisory Accounts

Which is a better platform for me and the way I invest?

Which is more economical and cost effective for the way I invest?

It depends on your investment style & needs and how hands on you would like to be with your money. Advisory platforms can offer proven teams and well vetted investment options with an approach that requires less manual activity/input from the advisor and/or client. Current market trends will always be influential on either approach. I am here to assist you in determining the best way to steward your money given your goals and long-term planning objectives. A disciplined well diversified approach is always a sound recipe for long term investor success. Advisory platforms effectively offer this.

I also offer meaningful discounts for investors that successfully grow their assets over the 1m mark and beyond.   The breakpoints are account specific and determined at the end of each calendar year.   If the rolling quarterly average is above the threshold amount or the year-end balance is above the threshold amount then you are eligible for the breakpoint discount.  

Please view the fee options and breakpoints here:

Tier 1 

Option A: .75% to 1m+ AAUM/drops to .65%

Option B: 1.00% to 1m+ AAUM/drop to .55%

Tier 2 

Option A: 2m+ AAUM/.65% drops to .55%

Option B: 2m+ AAUM/.55% drops to .45%

Tier 3

Option A: 3.5m+ AAUM/.55%, drops to .45%

Option B: 3.5m+ AAUM/.45% drops to .35%

Tier 4

Option A: 6.5m+ AAUM/.45% drops to .35%

Option B: 6.5m+ AAUM/.35% drops to .25%

At 10m+ AAUM ALL fees remain flat @ .25%

These discounts apply to all advisory accounts offered through my office and Cetera Advisors, LLC:  Brinker/Orion, SEI, Howard Capital Mgt, Flexible Plan Investments, Cetera/My Advice Architect & PRIME advisory accounts.

AAUM = Advisory Assets Under Management.  Please inquire further with my office.


Welcome to the Wellth brokerage account section. This portal is for secure online access to Pershing accounts established through Cetera Advisors, LLC. You can also gain 24/7 online access to your account(s) and elect to receive paperless statements and confirmations through this service. To use this portal you must first register your account(s) by visiting If you have already registered, simply click and log in.

Should you have any trouble activating or using this feature please send me an email @

Brokerage accounts offer a vast selection of investment types.  All transaction costs/commissions are at the default rate assessed by Pershing LLC.   These costs can vary based on the principal size of the trade and the marketability of the security.   Please inquire in advance should you have questions or would like me to run a mock transaction to gauge fees on a given transaction.  Traditional brokerage accounts are a very good option for investors with $25k or more to invest looking to be more hands on with their investments.  

Additional compensation may apply in the form of commissions for purchase of individual stocks, bonds and through service fees (12b-1) for mutual fund transactions. Fees, charges and expenses are detailed in the Cetera Advisors LLC's ADV Part 2A.

Note:  All account deposits or contributions are made payable to: Pershing, LLC. for non-IRA accounts & Cetera Investment Srvcs. for IRA accounts.  All checks should be sent directly to the Pershing Money Desk @ Pershing, c/o Money Desk, 1 Pershing Plaza, Jersey City NJ, 07399.  Please be sure to you put your account number in the memo of the check.

Distribution requests are always made payable per the account registration unless specific written request is made.